What is GLLara?

by cochrane

GLLara is a Mac OS X tool to create 3D scenes and take pictures of them, like this:


When you run it, it looks like this:


The whole thing is a reimplementation of XNALara by Dusan, which did the same thing before on Windows. GLLara is partly based on it and is (hopefully) compatible with all the files XNALara uses. There’s also XPS, which continues the XNALara development. GLLara attempts to be compatible with files for that as well.

To use GLLara, look in the help system, which covers everything I could think of.

System requirements

Any Mac with OS X 10.10 or higher should work. However, there appear to be some problems, sometimes, on ones with Intel HD 4000 graphics cards. Especially more complicated models may cause problems there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you going to make a Linux version?

Nope. Anyone who wants to try is free to do so, but since this is all Objective-C, I think they might be better of just using this for inspiration and rewriting much of it in C++. I can help with any questions about the file format.

Where can I get models?

Various places; just search for xnalara models, they will work in GLLara as well.

Something doesn’t work!

File a bug report in the issue tracker. It requires a Github account, but that is free. If you have problems with a particular model, please include the link where you got it from!